Azio Media Audio Conversion Services

Digital Audio Conversion - Fast, Professional, Audio Conversion & Digital Archival Services:


Fast, Professional, Audio Conversion & Digital Archival Services:

Do you have some great Vinyl Records you want on CD?

Make digital copies now of your analog music library quickly and easily.

Digital copies last many times longer than analog storage.

Who doesn't like Get the warm mellow sounds of vinyl re-mastered into digital audio and ready for you i-pod or music player?

After we master your CD and custom CD Label we tuck it in a new jewel-case box. The we re-shrink wrap the original album for excellent presentation, a gift, or suitable for framing.


Vinyl LP to CD Vinyl recordings = $14.75 ($USD) each. 1-2 weeks door to door, or less. All shipments are sent in bubble wrap enclosed in a reinforced cardboard LP box, with Free USPS delivery confirmation.

1-5: $14.75 each | 6-14: $12.65 | 15-29: $11.95 | 30-99: $10.95 | 100+ (call for a quote and samples)


45 RPM Records to CD

Most 45's are each only four or five minutes long, so we fill up each CD with the maximum possible tracks. Every two-sided 45 is transferred as two tracks, one per side.

1-9: $9.50 each | 10-99: $5.50 | 100+ (call for a quote and samples)


78 rpm to CD - contact us


Audio Cassette tape to CD - $14.75 per 80 min CD (Mix)


Audio Editing Service - Call


Record your Event, Production, Play, Choir, Musical Groups - contact us


Professional analog to digital audio transfers from your reel-to-reel tape, 45 RPM, 78 RPM, 33 RPM Vinyl Records to CD

Our forensic software will remove crackles and pops, and most surface noise (depending on the condition of the record itself) the results are high quality restoration and enhancements of your audio resources. Our customers enjoy these benefits while upgrading audio collections and archives.

We can transfer any commercially produced recordings, plus personal, business, archival or military (ex: Voice-O-Gram letters) recordings you may have from events in the lives of you and your family.

We respect all copyright laws. For personal use only.